Why a personal chef?  WHY NOT???

Are you a busy family with sports, school and work events?  Do you order pizza or stop through the drive-thru more than twice a week?  Are you searching for nutritious and delicious foods your family will actually eat?  Then you need a PERSONAL CHEF!

Are you tired of cooking for one or two and throwing a lot of food away?  Would you like to try new foods and recipes without buying all the ingredients that clutter up your kitchen?
Then you NEED a Personal Chef!

Your Personal Chef is perfect for families who are too busy to cook at home or anyone who wants something simple and delicious without all the preparation work! 

My goal is to make your meals exactly the way you want them.  No mushrooms, extra garlic, gluten free, vegetarian or lots of potatoes; every meal is made to your specifications.  Portions are generous and allow for snacks or lunch the next day.  

Give us a try and find out how easy and necessary a Personal Chef is to your life!